Wednesday, May 9, 2007

It begins

I've been thinking about writing a blog for some time now--ever since I discovered the Yarn Harlot and through her lots of other knitting bloggers. Quilt blogs seemed more difficult to find--at least ones that I found interesting. Then I found the Purl Bee blog. Both the Yarn Harlot and Purl Bee blog amused me and inspired me to try new projects. And to start my own blog. So, here I am. Starting one more thing. I'm great at starting things. I love the design process. I just get bogged down in the development phase. Will I continue? Who knows? My family thinks I am ADD when it comes to projects. My family would say I am an ADD blogger. That's how they describe me. They just change the activity. They've called me an ADD quilter, ADD knitter, ADD gardener. The list goes on. We'll see how it goes.

I have managed to finish a few things lately. Like the Flower Power Rag Time quilt for my niece Harper. That's her in the front and me in the back. Like you couldn't figure that out.

The quilt was from a Moda kit. The fabric is a lovely brushed cotton. Yeah, I have mixed feelings about kits--I prefer to pick my own fabrics. But this kit was so charming and I thought it would be great for Harper because she loves bright colors and at the time it seemed like she needed a nice, soft cuddle quilt.

We won't talk about how long it took me to finish it. Part of the problem is that I decided to hand applique the flowers instead of using a quicker method. I hadn't seen a machine applique technique that I really liked and I didn't want to use an iron-on technique because the quilt would be for a child and would be washed a lot. I didn't want to take the chance that the flowers would curl up after awhile. And once I started the hand applique I didn't want to switch methods. So I took the long, slow road. The fabric was a pleasure to work with. And it was very satisfying to work with the big flowers. And big thread. Unlike some of my recent applique projects that involve very small pieces and silk thread. I loved the jumbo rick rack.

So, that's one project down. We just won't talk about how many others are in the queue. After all, you don't even know me yet.