Sunday, July 4, 2010

If it is the Fourth of July...

I'll be wearing my Firecracker shawl.

Yeah, I know the days of eyelash shawls are pretty much over, but I like this one because the eyelash yarn reminds me of fireworks. I received the one ball of the eyelash yarn in a gift bag several years ago at the Acorn Street Knitting Retreat in Leavenworth, Washington. At first I was disappointed because the yarn didn't seem as pretty as the yarn the other knitters received. It had a blue thread and red and white and sparkly eyelashes. Then I warmed up to it and started thinking about how I would use it.

I decided to use the yarn for a garter stitch shaped shawl. I bought some navy blue Sevilla yarn and then started trying to make it work. I thought I would use it every other row, but there wasn't enough yarn. When I tried to find more of the yarn I was told that it was a sample yarn and there wasn't any more of it. So I came up with another plan--to use two rows of the Sevilla and one row of the eyelash. It worked great. I have work it on the Fourth of July ever since.

I know it will be the hit of my brother's Fourth of July party, as usual.

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